Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late at night

Hi :)
And again it's after midnight ;) I'm so close to believe that I was created for nightly life ;)
As you can see at Michelle's blog I become a CT member :) And I'm so happy! Michelle is so friendly girl :D She made an avatar for me:

Isn't cute? :D I just love it!

So - as a CT member I make some LO and I still play with challenges on "Crafty Scraps" blog :)
And here is my last LO made for "Brother" Challenge:

And because I don't have any siblings - I made this with my Dad.
When he was baptized - he became my brother in Christ :D
So I do have MANY brothers and sisters - right? ;)

I invite you to play with us on Crafty Scraps blog: http://craftyscrapschat.com/
There are many freebies, some challenges and a lot of good words :)
CU soon :)

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