Saturday, June 19, 2010

The CSD Contest Designer Idol 2010 Round #2!

As you already know this is a competition in 4 rounds and the award is designer's place at CoolScrapDigital!

I couldn't let it go and I joined! Now the second round has been started :)

This time I prepared a fantastic - full of flowers mini kit, and I offer it as a freebie for you: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME - GO GET IT!!!

And additionally take some seconds to post a comment as a vote for me! ;-)

Here's my part for the Round#2:

you can download it here

And if you like my work and want to encourage me - leave a comment while you are there :)



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  1. HELLO!!! just wanted to stop and tell you I promise I have NOT forgotten about your book...I've been kind of crazy for the last few weeks with a large yard sale and alot of painting!!! I will try to get to the bookstore sometime this week - I'm so sorry it's taking so long! I promise it will get to you!!! Love you


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