Monday, January 23, 2012

some news

Hi my dear Friends and Fans ;)
It was a long break..
Unfortunately it will take a little longer - how much - I have no idea..
One thing I know for sure - I don't want you to guess what is going on with me,
so I decided to write this post.
My life is having its ups and downs (I guess sometimes we all have such things),
and the same thing is for my health. It's sad but I don't have any more mojo,
my free time is so reduced and - believe me - when I have some good (painless) moment
I don't think about scraping..
I still believe that one day this will change and I will be able to come back to all of you,
and will find some good mojo, but as for now - I don't want to waste your time..

All my freebies will be still available on my blog - don't worry - I will not delete them.
This is the least I can do for you..

Hope you will understand.


  1. Hi Jabi, I was just wondering about you yesterday, as a matter of fact. I'm sorry to hear that you're not doing well and I pray that will soon change for the better. Take care!

  2. Praying right now...keep on and don't forget where your Strength comes from! Be well...

  3. I've checked in through the past few sad to hear that you're still struggling with your health. I am glad that you take your good moments for yourself however. We will still be here when you are able and feeling better.

  4. Thanks for the update Jabi! I too will be praying for you and hope that you will feel better soon.

  5. Thanks Jabi for the update and I'm hoping you are getting all the rest that you need. Will be praying for you and hoping you are getting better daily. Just take care of yourself and don't worry about us.

  6. Thank you Jabi for the update, I've stopped by regularly hoping to see you about. So sorry that you are still feeling poorly. Praying for you and wishing you well!

  7. Take care of yourself, prayers are with you. Just hoping you will just stop in once in awhile and say hello. Will keep checking your blog.

  8. hope you'll feel better soon!
    love from france

  9. Witaj Joasiu ! :)))
    Czekamy na Ciebie i życzymy dużo zdrówka !!! :)))
    Buziaki z Gdyni. :*:*:*

  10. I totally understand about pain. You do whatever you need to do to get better. We can wait.

  11. My prayers are with you hoping you feel better soon. Take whatever time you need, we can wait. Hoping you come back better than ever. :) :)


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