Friday, June 19, 2009

Specially for you Terri :)

Because you visit my blog sometimes - I thought that I'll write something in English so you can know a bit more about us. So - this is some of our story :)

This is a picture from our wedding. It was so long time ago ;) In January 2007. From that time we were living together with my parents and grandma in one apartment. It wasn't easy but it was a huge lesson for us.
In February 2008 my parents and grandma moved to their own apartment. And you may not believe me - but most of time I feel that we are a real marriage since that moment. When we lived in five I felt like in hostel.
So - in last year we've learn a lot about us. We had to deal with problems all alone. Sometimes it was terrible but most of time it was pretty good :)
I don't know - did you saw in my pictures that I had long hair ;)

But now I'm back to my previous haircut. And I feel much better :)
Year ago I made my first digi-scrap. And now I just love it.
This was one of my very first layouts:

And this is one I've made yesterday:

And it is written - "In your eyes my quietness"

And this is a first part of my post. Now I need to finish cause my work is waiting..
Love you! Asia

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I can read it much better!!! Thanks for the catch-up on your life! I didn't see the long hair before..I like it, but the short hair is the Asia I remember! You look happy...I'm glad you and Robert have a home to yourselves now! Are you on facebook? I have more family pictures on there than on the shop blog. Business is slow here...economy is really bad. So I've got some time on my hands while I sit waiting for customers! Hope all is well today! Thanks for the English post!


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